New Hope (United) Methodist

    New Hope Methodist Church was once located on the hill beside New Hope Cemetery. The town, when first incorporated in 1832, was named "Vienna". However, because there was another town in the state by the same name, the Federal Post Office rejected the request for incorporation. To remedy this problem, the town adopted the name of the local Methodist church, thus becoming the town of "New Hope". 

    According to Billy Nichols, the old church was standing on the hill prior to 1850. Even though the town was destroyed by fire during the Civil War, the church was spared and remained on the hill until 1924. 

    At that time the church building was put on rollers and rolled down the hill through the business section of town to its present location at the corner of Main Drive and Old Gurley Pike. However that building, believed weakened by the move, was destroyed by a windstorm. 

    In 1926, a beautiful new brick building with stained glass windows was erected, however this building was short-lived, being destroyed by fire in 1943. The current building has been used since its reconstruction in 1944. This building merely houses the church. The real church is the people who worship the Lord. On the same token, this Church is much more than the souls who currently worship. We join with those who have gone on before us and we take on the duty of preparing the way for those yet to be. Should you be looking for a church family, the congregation of New Hope United Methodist extends the invitation to let's worship together. Until then, be blessed in all you do    †